Similarities of the two parties

Now that we are all captivated by the election results tickers, I will let you in on a little secret.  It does not matter.  That’s right.  Why don’t we review some similarities of the two parties:

1)    They both accept unlimited amounts of funding from the big corporations and TBTF banking cartels.

2)    They know that when they need a job after loosing their next election, they just call up the big corporations and banking cartels and ask for millions per year.  They plead with the new cohort and get all laws passed in their new “employers” interest.  The corporations get incredible ROI’s on their “investments.”  Why should they hire a fresh college graduate with no immediate ROI?

3)    Neither party wants to admit that our budget will never balance with the demographic issues, health care costs, SS Ponzi scheme and handouts.  Sooner rather than later, ½ of all spending will need to be borrowed (if the market will keep lending to them).

4)    The promises to create jobs will never materialize, as they have no ability to create jobs.  All government can do is take.  Private individuals with an idea, invention or product with a profit motive, investing in property, plant and equipment and then hiring help to sell their products create jobs.  Most people don’t even understand ECON 101.

5)    Neither party wants to admit that promises to us will never be kept.

6)    Neither party wants to admit that in order to keep promises to us, taxes would have to double or triple.

7)    Neither party wants to admit that the new “fiscal responsibility commission” will announce the need for a VAT tax.

8)    Neither party wants to admit that college degrees are now worthless.  The money spent (or borrowed, in most cases) would be better spent starting businesses rather than supporting the lavish new football stadiums, dorms, classroom buildings and tenured pay packages.   Update – I was a little worked up this morning as selected degrees in the sciences, engineering, health care, some law, some educational and some others can be very valuable if used correctly.  Just verify your career placement stats and use an economic cost-benefit analysis.

9)    Neither party wants to admit that printing unlimited amounts of money will never lead to the creation of any jobs or add to prosperity (except for commodity hoarders).

10) Neither party wants to admit that we need to get a major war going to “kick start” the economy and that there are ages of historical precedence of that.

11) Neither party wants to admit that the only “good” born out of this election is that we no longer have to listen to those ****** commercials for a year or so.

Have a great and prosperous day!

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