With silver on fire……..

If jp bankster is really short all the silver contracts that they are rumored to be from the Bear Stearns gov’t orchestrated “rescue”, then the greatest squeeze in history may have begun.  This should have happened in 2008 but the gov’t didn’t want that.  Now they could be loosing control of the game.  They only have one way out of the trade….this could get fun.  You could also have all the people who never believed the fed prints 3+ billion per day all of a sudden, well, belive it!  Many pros will not sell a single ounce until a 20 day low is made.  One thing about commodities is when they trend, they persist longer than most people expect.  Just think oil at $145 in mid 2008 and when it came down, it went all the way to 30 bucks or so.


And here is what they could be thinking right now…Get ready for the next crisis…..in…..the ….dollar…….Happy presidents day!

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