The character of the green back is changing

The beloved greenback is not acting as a “safe haven” currency during the latest crisis de jour.  This could be a clue of things to come and they aren’t good.  For decades the world has run to the dollar as the safest store of value around.  I will be watching very closely to see if they do this time around.  As you can imagine, this is the last thing the fed and gov’t want to happen as they have always been able to print, print, print.  Since the fed was established on Dec 23rd 1913, the dollar has lost around 96% of its purchasing power.  Of course it was a BS congressional vote just before Christmas Eve while many were on vacation (reminds me of health care, eh?).  And here is the proof.

So where are they going? stocks, nope.  Gold, a little.  Oil, you bet.  Silver, hi ho.

Oil is ripping higher… Above 98 bucks, remember mid 2008?


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