So what looks good? Drugs and Biotech

I have positions in JAZZ and ISTA and am looking for more.  You have to be careful and size your positions small as you could wake up any day of the week with a bad FDA letter and be down 20% or more on any of them.  I get the feeling we are getting to the 7th or 8th inning of the rally as pros will park money here where it is perceived to be “safe.”

The Biotechs are the riskiest of them all.  The big drug companies are desperate to “fill” their pipelines and will be looking at the same list you are here.  Forget about understanding what they do, just buy as they break to all time highs on volume AND SIZE YOUR POSITION SMALL.  All the insiders will buy them up well before the “good” FDA letter comes out.  When the news comes out it will be too late.  The CEPH buyout last week only added fuel to the fire.  The two Morningstar Groups are making all time highs right now.

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