Pretty shi** action in the spy’s today after a euphoric yesterday

Well the euphoria from Monday night over the Greek bailout part two (remember the same thing a year ago in the Sunday night futures limit up) sure faded out fast.  I had a feeling that it would.  They sure had the upside fake and bake yesterday with the BS “follow through” day to suck in all the IBD users/dependents.  Time will tell what the next move is, every time I think the rally is over they pull another rabbit out of the hat.  They say calling tops is the toughest job on wall street.  Just watch the action and then make your own decisions.  I will be shorting any bounce knowing that QE3 is lurking in the shadows to burn me real bad.  Gold is looking pretty good.  I am looking at adding some coins and miner stocks.  I have nothing but cash, will short the Nas 100 futures at any time without notice (as I did today for a nice 27 point gain).  Have fun out there, wear a helmet and protect your downside, the bounces will by very sharp and suck in the believers!!!  They will vomit them out of their mouths just when they feel good.

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